Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab)

Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab)

The digital fabrication laboratory (FabLab) is the engine of implementation in the ecosystem and as a unit within the center, it also serves as one of its revenue-generating components. The unit offers training and capacity-building programmes for the center’s staff and external agencies requiring such services. While the FabLab serves all the entities within the ecosystem, it also maintains an open-door policy to the public, hence encouraging all digital innovators and makers to drive their ideas from inception to impact.

The FabLab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that include Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production equipment, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mahcines, 3D printers, servers, GPUs, etc.

Visitation and tours of the lab facility by schools, universities, and research centers are encouraged.

Access and Availability

While the FabLab is an integral part of the center, an open access policy is being maintained to allow the FabLab to serve as a digital innovation accelerator for all innovators and makers. Therefore, the FabLab will allow open-production and public access to aid innovation and entrepreneurship activities. The FabLab, along with the center, will offer robust support to the maker community. The FabLab also welcomes visits and tours of the facility to the public, and especially schools, to familiarize themselves with the equipment and activities of the lab.

The center also engages in hands-on digital fabrication skills training and capacity building for both in-house staff and external participants in line with the Fab Academy spirit. On occasion,  the center will also organize short courses similar to the MIT class “How To Make (Almost) Anything” to further boost maker-spirit and digital innovation awareness among Nigerian youths.


  • Special Training Programs on STEM: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics,  Drones, Digital Communication, Entrepreneurship, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR)
  • STEM Bootcamp for Kids (SB4Kids)