Accelerating our collective prosperity through an inclusive AI Ecosystem

With the Nigerian AI Collective, we envision a future where Nigeria harnesses the power of AI to drive economic prosperity, innovation, and social development, positioning itself as a leading force in AI for good on the African continent and globally.

Objectives of the Nigerian AI Collective

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Facilitate a platform for AI professionals, researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders to share insights, best practices, and research findings. Foster collaboration between academia, industry, and government agencies to strengthen the AI ecosystem.

Capacity Building

Develop and implement training programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance the skills of AI practitioners and enthusiasts. Encourage continuous learning and skill development to keep pace with advancements in AI technologies.

Innovation and Research

Support and promote AI-focused research and development initiatives that address local challenges and contribute to global AI knowledge. Encourage the creation of AI startups and incubators to drive innovation in various sectors.

Policy Advocacy

Collaborate with policymakers to develop AI-friendly regulations and policies that foster a conducive environment for AI research, development, and application. Advocate for ethical AI practices and responsible use of AI technologies in alignment with global standards.

International Collaboration

Establish partnerships and collaborations with international AI organisations, institutions, and industry players to leverage global expertise and resources. Position Nigeria as a critical player in the international AI community.

The Nigerian AI Collective aims to include a diverse range of stakeholders, including

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Become a part of the community

Join our community at the forefront of AI in Nigeria and Africa. Access monthly seminars, hackathons, and training programs tailored to all skill levels. Explore funding opportunities for research aligned with our goals. Engage in shaping AI-friendly policies at our policy roundtables. 

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